Dear Ramadan

Ramadan, the visitor whom I greet reluctantly but find hard to say goodbye.

Ramadan, it’s sad to see you go. This year, I noticed that you felt quite long but I also find you short at the same time. We spent 22 days with you in a new place before spending the rest of the days with you like we did the previous years and we went to different places almost every night.

Ramadan, I’m going to miss having our meals at 1 a.m., hours after berbuka and I’m going to miss seeing people do acts of kindness. It’s really heartwarming to see that. I wish you’d stay a bit longer so I can see it more often.

Ramadan, I guess this is it. Just like any other months, you come and you must go. Now it’s your turn to do so. It pains me but I cannot stop you from leaving that door.

Ramadan, I hope this will not be the last time I meet you. Until next year, إنشاءالله.


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