Don’t stop trying

This is to those who feel like giving up.


I have always loved art since I was a kid.

Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, I am satisfied with my current achievements because they were a result of great effort. I learned to do most of my art projects through countless hours of research (that’s what I like to call it) on the web. Success was always not immediate and very often it did not exceed my expectations.

Even my teacher questioned me because of my unorthodox choice of hair colour.

I learned basic art through formal education starting from primary school to Form 3. I don’t remember learning art that much in primary school but I do have a vivid memory of an incident that happened during my first art test:

We had to colour a drawing of a beach. It was your typical beach scene with people. I coloured the sand yellow and the hair of the people with a mix of the former colour and black. When everyone noticed what I had just done, they lost their minds. I am guessing most of them were shocked because they thought everybody had black hair. Even my teacher questioned me because of my unorthodox choice of hair colour.

My primary school graduation certificate was perfect except for one subject: Art. I am not blaming the incident for the B I got but I am trying to prove that you don’t always triumph, even if it’s something you love dearly.

If you are truly optimistic, then failure only happens when you fail to learn.

Most of the things I learned during high school were quite stupid but I still did my best. Unfortunately, my teacher never really took notice of or appreciated my efforts. Occasionally, I would participate in school contests to express and improve my creativity. It worked.

Some of the school contests I entered:


  • Pertandingan melukis poster (something about drugs)
  • Pertandingan membuat ilustrasi peribahasa (we did “durian runtuh” WITH 3D EFFECTS)
  • Drama competition (I won best actor)
  • Saponification competition where we had to create our own soap and present it to the judges (we won first place)

What I am trying to prove here is the importance of perseverance. Keep on trying and you’ll achieve what you want. You might not succeed on your first attempt but at the very least you inch closer to it. So don’t give up!

We usually see the results but seldom think about the failures and rough times that had to be endured to achieve what we see. It’s true that failure can be frustrating but if we see it in an optimistic point of view, it is something we can learn and benefit from. If you are truly optimistic, then failure only happens when you fail to learn.



  1. “There is no failure, only feedback”. Though failure can be a good excuse, when you did not want to do it in the first place. “I tried”. Do what you Want!

    I came from the community pool. I also write about experiences: there is less research involved! I love to write about people I meet. I also try photography occasionally.

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