A Smart Phone and A Stupid Human

There is a quote that goes “A smart person learns from his mistakes while a stupid person keeps on repeating his mistakes. However, an intelligent person learns from other people’s mistakes”. In light of this, please take your time to read this post.

Here’s how the whole thing started: One evening, my phone stopped working.

After many unsuccessful attempts to retrieve it, the natural thing I did was panic. The realization of how much I had depended on my phone kicked in very soon. It was my camera; my journal; my test pad; my clock; and perhaps my everything. I trusted my phone so much. Too much, in fact. Because of this unfortunate incident, I lost one month’s worth of photos and 5 month’s worth of writing. I feel betrayed and most importantly I feel dumb because I had been outsmarted by something that doesn’t even have a brain!

I have never been so attached to my previous phones until I got this malfunctioned one. I intentionally went through the last two years or so of high school without a phone. I survived during this period mainly by relying on old skool items such as papers to write my ideas on and a digital clock as my alarm. I admit, at times I felt left out because I wasn’t in my class’s WhatsApp group but I also felt happy and free because I don’t own one of those device everybody has. I don’t have to worry about losing it or leaving it at home when I go out nor do I have to fear that it gets stolen.

When I think of it, it’s extraordinary that a once independent person who would rely on his body clock to wake himself up at 6 in the morning every day turned incapacitated without his phone. He feels incomplete without the daily reminder from his to-do app when last year, he would create his own calendars every month! It’s very silly because he has only had his phone for less than 9 months!

Here’s something that I learned from this incident:

  • We should never take things for granted. Surprises are called surprises for a reason.
  • We must not depend too much on technology, especially our phones. When we rely on something greatly, we will lose some of our abilities. Try writing on paper, it’s not hard! Unless you’ve been using the keyboard for a long time…
  • The camera on our phones is a dangerous thing because it prevents us from living in the moment. Sometimes we’re too busy seeking the perfect angle to shoot the sunset that we forget to see the actual sunset itself. I’m not going to lie, this situation happens to me way too often that I can’t recall the things that happened during the moment such as how everything around me looked and how it felt during that period. What I have are pictures that lack or hold no sentimental value at all. It’s like an angel put these pictures in my phone while I was asleep.  Now I understand why Casey Neistat invented BEME.
  • Always, always, always keep all your data and files backed up not only in your phone but in your computer too.
  • Try saving files on cloud storage. SOME, not all.

Although I’m not happy that this incident happened, I’m grateful that it allowed me to realize the mistakes I made. I suffered loss but gained.



  1. Hey Asyraf,
    I thought I’d take a look at your blog after your comment on Community Pool. I am in complete agreement with everything you wrote here! I am so frustrated and a little disgusted at how hooked to my phone I am, particularly as someone who loves nature, its ridiculous! We let this little metal rectangle rule our lives! And worse than that, I feel naked if I go out without it. Its gotten to the point where I am seriously tempted to rid myself of a smartphone (or at least take my sim etc out of it so its just a camera) and go back to an old phone that just calls/texts-the bare necessity. Nobody sat staring at phones like that all day, they were just a tool. Smartphones, on the other hand are becoming an essential part of everything, and we’re slowly losing the ability to function without them…which is ridiculous isn’t it!
    I agree, its so much nicer to carry a little notebook around to jot down thoughts, reminders and ideas, and to have a small diary with all your important dates/schedule in it, because those things are tangible and real-which is refreshing in an age where so much of what we own/need is virtual, we never even touch it!
    Also, nice mention of Casey; do you watch the vlogs?



    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post, Annie. I really appreciate it. I don’t think many people actually do what you did, especially with long posts like mine haha!
      By the way, here’s something else: I recently started uni and up until my phone stopped working, I used a to-do app to list all my classes on a particular day. When it stopped working, I totally became lost! I don’t even know what time my classes start or end! Really, the effects of mobile phones are disastrous!
      I used to watch his videos daily but now I only watch the interesting ones. What about you?

      Thanks again from me 🙂

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      1. Don’t worry about it, its the least I could do after the effort you went to for me! Yeah smartphones might be smart, but they make us a hell of a lot dumber. You think its great because you no longer need to do lots of things, but soon enough you find you’re incapable of doing them! Yeah I’m the exact same with Casey’s vlogs (I always stop watching daily vlogs eventually, though his was the only one I’d been watching for a long time) but I still love his films.

        Liked by 1 person

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