Sunny days aren’t always happy days…

because cloudy days can also be happy days too!


Please bear with the disgusting quality of my photos (taken with a tablet; you know, no phone)

Where I live, clouds are a very rare sight. Most days, the skies are clear. In the occasion where I saw clouds, the majority of it were the cirrus/wispy kind. It’s very different from Malaysia where cumulus clouds can been seen almost daily.

On the 20th October, it was probably the cloudiest morning I’ve ever experienced since moving here. The clouds were thick and dark and obscured the sunlight. Since I arrived one hour before my lecture, I decided to spend my free time outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. At the beginning, light penetrated the thick clouds and gave way to rays of yellow. The wind blew a nice cool breeze and the plants swayed back and forth by the touch of it. The ambience at that time was nice: the sky was just gloomy, I wasn’t blinded by the sunrise nor was I sweating! I found myself feeling unusually happy at that time. It was nice.

(and so is my campus)

(and so is my campus)

Who said that cloudy days are bad? Clearly you’ve never lived in the desert!


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