Learn a new language in 3 months.

Or 6.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through YouTube and I somehow found myself watching a video called How to learn any language in six months. After watching it, I felt motivated and hopeful to start learning Arabic because I realized it isn’t impossible to learn a new language after all. It was also a wake up call for me to start making an effort to learn Arabic since I’ve been living in Saudi Arabia for about 9 months but I still can’t talk Arabic!

In the video, the speaker highlighted 5 principles and 7 actions in order to learn a new language. To summarize it quickly, the five actions are: focusing on relevant language content, communicating using the language from Day 1, understanding the message first, using the language frequently, and being positive about learning. If you’re interested to know what the actions are, go ahead and watch the video.

Today, I stumbled upon another interesting video. The method that these guys are suggesting is actually a great one. Plus, it’s proven. Watch the video:

I haven’t actually tried any of the methods in the last few weeks (because I’m always waiting for the perfect time) but since I’ve discovered this easier and simpler method, I’ll be sure to try (mostly) this method combined with the other techniques starting tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is always the best day to start… NOT!

I’ll make sure I post an update of my progress after three months!



  1. Hi there I found your blog from community swimming pool.
    Learning languages can be a challenge but you have got to have that motivation to want to every day well not every day but yeah. Learning Arabic is hard but I kind of like to learn languages its like one step into understanding the culture. You will learn the language trust me.

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    1. Hello, thank you for taking your time to stop by.
      One of the challenges that I most certainly know of is being too shy to use your new language!
      What you mentioned about it being one step to understand a culture is true. In university, I have several Indian and Pakistani friends. When they talk in Urdu, I can’t help but feel the need to learn Urdu so I can fit in. Maybe one day!
      By the way, thanks for having faith in me 🙂

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