My 2015 Favorites

This is a roundup of some of the things that I stumbled upon/read/watched/etc. last year. Fyi, I am a very picky person: I treat the like/retweet button very seriously so if I like something, it must be really good (imo, at least). Behold, my 2015 favorites:

Best YouTube video

This one is a gem. I particularly like how candid this is. There’s no sugar coating or extreme editing present in this one. The lake looks so amazing! It almost felt as if I were there with him.

If you’re still hesitating to click the play button, let me tell you something: this video had quite an impact on me. After watching the video, I dreamed of being inside a caravan as we drove through the same kind of trees seen in the thumbnail. It was as vivid as the video.

Favorite movie


I don’t really watch the TV often but this one caught my attention. It’s an interesting movie. I like the accent of the main characters and above everything else, the location it was filmed at. The part where they were driving along a road in a canyon area reminded me of what I’ve seen—or yet to see—in Saudi Arabia. Go ahead and watch it but keep in mind, there will not be a sequel for this film.

Favorite tweets



*Note: Although I’d definitely sleep over study in any situation, this quote is somewhat inspiring.



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