*Another* New Beginning

After spending the last 366 days being eighteen, today is the day I turn nineteen.

You see (or more like from what I see), being this age is being on the verge of being of an adult. Now that I’m closer to becoming one, adulthood doesn’t seem that much fun. I can already imagine the back pains and terrible aches that I’m going to experience all over my body pretty soon. That and the reality that I’m still financially unstable and lack most of the characteristics of an adult.


Based on my observations, people who already have white hair are highly knowledgeable, know how to cook, can start conversations, and are able to do so much more. Most importantly, they know how to human.

But I’m nowhere near that.

Nevertheless, this situation is not going to last much longer for I am going to work on those things (and several more) this coming year. This brings me to my next point: Unfortunately, on my quest to prepare myself for adulthood, I shall have to let go of blogging full time. Don’t freak out, I’ll still write! Only thing is that I won’t publish my work here because it takes way too much time and effort to create a single quality text. I’m talking about one week of drafting and editing, not just a day of furiously typing stuff on WordPress!

Before I end this post (and log out), I’m going to give you a bit of advice based on some of the lessons I learned while I was eighteen:

  1. Don’t bother helping those who don’t deserve your help.

During the past two semesters as a university student, I found myself unnecessarily helping my course mates either by giving them my notes or sending them snapshots of the “important slides” through WhatsApp. Later, I came to realize that they don’t even make any effort to help themselves in the first place. Some of them came to class late, shamelessly balancing cups of coffees in their hands as they enter the classroom while others don’t even bring notebooks or take notes.

حبيبي، عندي سوال؟

What you gonna do with that pen in your pocket? Use it to write on the coffee sleeve???

Let me tell you something: One time, I couldn’t “help” (aka email him the Excel file of my work) this guy with his assignment (we had the same assignment). It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help him but because I hadn’t finished mine yet. Anyways, he went from having this superhuman vision that allowed him to spot me from across the field to not seeing me when I was just under his nose.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t help you friends. You just need to be smart (and not be too compassionate, a skill which I definitely need to work on) – in this case, knowing when you should lend your hand to that other person.

  1. Don’t take too many credit hours.

This was the biggest mistake I made last semester (even worse than the previous point). My second semester was a huge turn from the previous one: it was horrible and tiring. Luckily for me, I have four months off to recuperate from the exhaustion of juggling way too many courses!


Until next time.




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