Change of season

I wonder…

Does the change of season make you feel constantly tired too?

Summer is looming. The sun rises a few minutes earlier and sets a few minutes later each day. The weather is a bit unstable at the moment. Sometimes it’s really hot, sometimes it’s warm. Moreover, most of the days last week started with cloudy mornings. It’s probably going to be the last cloudy day until we get to see it again at the end of the year…

For the past week I’ve been feeling very crappy and passing ​out (sleeping) more often. I’m sure it’s​ not because I have an excessive amount of sugar flowing in my capillaries.

This is the time of the year when I ask myself over and over again, “Who thought it’d be OK to put Riyadh in the GMT+3 time zone?”. Seriously though, what were you thinking?! This country is big enough for two time zones yet you decided to fit everything in one and let the people living in the east suffer by making us wake up so early!!

Here are some pictures of kittens to help me calm down (and get through the loooooong summer days ahead of me).


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